Cover Image for End of 2023 Progress Update

End of 2023 Progress Update


It's been a big year for Atlas Isles, from an idea to part-way through building, it might be worth updating the world on the progress.

Builds and island progress

Our first island coming to reality, Paradise shores, is on it's way! The town centre for the city, Paradise plaza is mostly complete, where next comes the seaside and beach. You can see the city in the cover image for this post. Shame when that picture was taken we'd just removed a building on the left for rennovation.

Server and development progress

The actual servers base is almost finished! The infastructure for how the servers going to run is planned and in progress, just a few more key components need to be figured out before we're ready to start turning it into reality.

One of the biggest features coming to Atlas Isles is the ability to set up your own Crew. You and up to 4 others can take on dungeons and quests together, share an apartment in the city and construct your own island together!


I'm tocularity, the developer for the Atlas Isles website. A complete re-code is on the way with 2x the features and lots more integrations with the server, some never seen before. On release, the website will be a bigger part of the server compared to a lot of other servers.


The next year should be good for Atlas Isles, as we'll keep chugging along with our progress. There might release more frequent updates here, so keep an eye out.

Happy new year and thanks for reading, have a good 2024.

- tocularity

If you'd like to help out Atlas Isles, contact me on Discord @tocularity, thanks! We desperately need some help developing the server, with plugins and ideas and features.