Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

"we" or "us" meaning "Atlas Isles" the brand and company.

We do not set cookies on this website. We only save local data for options you should expect to save over sessions (favouriting profiles, logging into the store).


This privacy policy describes how we handle your personal data. Personal data is information about individuals or information from which individuals can be identified from others. The types of personal data we collect about you will depend on how you interact with us.


We may store the following categories of personal data:
• Any information required to run events and servers, such as UUID's, inputted aliases, usernames and IP addresses.


We may collect your personal data above from the following sources:
• We may collect your personal data when you fill in a form or login field on one of our websites or services run by us.
• We may also collect your personal data when you connect to one of our Minecraft servers, such as your username and uuid.


Any data stored by us is stored securely. We might use your personal data to:
• Process data required by our systems to function, such as logging in or connecting to a server.
• Keep records for support and statistical interests, to provide the best experience possible.
• To share information about you such as your username when you are displayed on a leaderboard.
• To share information about you such as your username and statistics when you are looked up on our stats page. This can be disabled in-game in the settings menu.

Data sharing

We only share your data to trusted third parties. Data shared will not include data which can personally identify you beyond your account. Data stored on third parties servers is stored securely. These include but are not limited to:
• Data shared to a Minecraft avatar services with unidentifiable data such as UUIDs (Visage).
• Data shared to infrastructure and security services proxying all traffic (Cloudflare, TCPShield).
• Data stored on web infrastructure and hosting services securely (Netlify).
There may be other circumstances which we need to share data to trusted partners.

Contact Us

Feel free to email us at [email protected]. Please note we are a very small team and it may take some time for us to get back to you.

Any data collected for statistical interests is not personally identifiable.

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Last updated: 11/10/2023 | Author: AtlasIsles(Tocularity)