Rules & Terms

Chat Rules

When your playing on our server, chatting in our Discord or interacting within our community make sure you're following these rules.
We try to keep our rules short and simple, but if you've got any suggestions let us know in our Discord!

Be respectful

Everyone's here to have fun, so keep it fun! Try to keep the chat positive.

Consider others

Not everyone may get your inside joke, so be mindful of what you say and how it may affect others.

Keep private info private

Don't share personal details about other players or yourself and be mindful about what you share online.

Common sense

Don't share personal details about other players or yourself and be mindful about what you share online.

Don't send inappropriate content

Keep NSFW, sexual, political, religious, illegal and suspicious content out of your messages, profile and content.

Don't harass, threaten or bully

No matter of the circumstance, harassing, targeting or threatening others is not allowed.

Don't spam, advertise or randomly ping

Promoting your own projects is not allowed, as we can't trust them. Also don't spam, randomly ping others or impersonate.

Server Rules

When you're playing on our server, make sure you are following these rules as they are important to keep the game fair for everyone.

Follow chat rules

Make sure you follow the chat rules above when your chatting in the server chat.

Aesthetic and performance modifications

Mods which improve client performance and tweaks are allowed.

No blacklisted mods or automations

Any mods which give you an advantage over others (eg. hacked clients) aren't allowed. More details here. Also don't use mouse tweaks, automations or macros.

No inappropriate builds

Builds on your island or in your apartment must be appropriate.

Punishments & Bans

If you break a chat or server rule, you may get punished. If you violate a chat rule, you'll often just get a mute. If you break a server rule, you may get banned from our server for a certain time.

If you continue breaking the rules, your punishment will scale. Next time it might be a 7 day mute or a permanent ban. If you get banned, you'll lose access to the server and any purchases you may have made. We will not refund you if you get banned from our server.

Support and contact

Feel free to email us at [email protected]. Please note we are a very small team and it may take some time for us to get back to you.

Useful links: Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, Tebex Terms (Store)

Last updated: 11/10/2023